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Welcome to arctic reviews, where our aim is simple – to publish intelligent, thought provoking record reviews of both new and classic album releases from the last 30 years.

We’ll grow the amount of material reviewed as quickly as possible but our emphasis is quality, not quantity. Our writers are writers, not musicians or publicists trying to blog their clients to the top. They’re also amateurs who share one goal – to bring you unbiased, totally honest opinions without fear of the consequences. Their careers don’t depend on being a sycophant. Our ratings system gives you the opportunity to decide whether you want to spend time investing part of your life on the artist concerned.

Finally, everyone’s opinion is welcome and arctic reviews is based on a democracy underpinned by the principles of free speech. We love your feedback whether you agree with our contributors or not but please try to remember they’re only expressing their subjectivity. Please save your vitriol for more deserving authority figures.

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