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Various Artists - New Heavy Sounds, Volume 2

Sleeve art - Various Artists - New Heavy Sounds, Volume 2

Released: 7 Nov 2011

Genre: Rock

Style: Hardcore

Arctic Top Track: Gum Takes Tooth - TannkJott

Arctic Rating: 4 Stars - Burn

Review by: Rich Pickings - 15th December 2011

Long overlooked as the potential voice of his generation, Wesley Snipes' multi faceted portrayal of the vampire-human chimera Blade has authored a bible full of sage, unforgetable dialogue. Surely the most pertinent was when the perma Ray Ban wearing slayer turned round to some bimbo or another and quoth “The world you live in is just a sugar coated topping. There is another world”. Never a truer word spoken as far as we're concerned, and to prove it those nice people at the New Heavy Sounds label have released a second volume of their other wordly aural nightmares designed to keep everyone checking under their beds.

I wrote down several things several times whilst getting my head around the seventy minutes or so of fiercely underground misanthropy; druggy, spooky, proggy, - I wrote them a few times - and on just one occasion “Maniac”. Here then is a taster of whatever music escapes through the looking glass into the confectionery world of our existence, songs designed to hurt and haunt, demented notes to mayhem and madness written by palsied, yellowed fingers.

And yet, clearly designed to give the listener a false sense of security, it all starts in a relatively benign fashion with the screamo-punk of The Computers, who along with Lafaro give Pulled Apart By Horses a run for their money in the twisted fun n' frolics stakes. From that point all notions of “Fun” disappear right the fuck down the big, dark rabbit hole however. Tweakbird, Cut Yourself In Half and Humanfly – contributing the jazzily titled “This is Where Your Parents Fucked” - each party like it's 1973, all one monster toke away from biting the head off the nearest bat.

We do briefly come back up for air courtesy of Texans The Sword, who make a worthy offering in the form of Tres Brujas (That's three witches to you and me), conjured up from their excellent last outing Warp Riders. That's it though, and it gets w-e-e-e-r-d as well as wonderfully intense; singer Daniel Higgs sounds like a groovy nostferatau on Skull Defekts No More Always, White Hills screech out to the furthest orbit of early Sonic Youth obtuseness with Three Quarters, whilst Black Moth are the epitome of a very, very bad trip on the the darkly psychedelic Spit Out Your Teeth.

These are all good in a bad is good/good is bad way, but their grainy sense of wrongness pales into insignificance when faced with the winning est trio here of goblins, ghouls and otherwise fucked up things from another musical universe. The first of these is Slabdragger, a band who sound like their name, a mass of aggression and blank noise, an tacky and hard to digest amalgam of Lynyrd Skynyrd with a migraine covering the Murderdolls. Lasers From Atlantis by contrast have been described previously as “oozing waves of transcendental, cosmic, psychedelic tones and tranquillizing melodies juxtaposed with heavy, droning lightning-bolts”. On the basis of Slaves however they sound more like Hawkwind being played at 17RPM by a demented Martian off his head on space angel dust. Barking sure, but the just plain unsettling rosette however goes to Gum Takes Tooth – aka London based duo Thomas Fuglesang and Jussi Brightmore – who on TannkJott realise their vision of dance music rendered as broken industrial weirdness, part the gut wrenching sludge of The Locust, part the sound of a 64-bit arcade game being raped by Big Black's drum machine. It's that fucking good.

Anyway, back to Mr. Snypezz. “It's open season on all suckheads” he once said. I hope so. 'Cos their victory march is already playing.